Furze Down School

Furze Down School

A Specialist School for Communication and Interaction

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Verney Road, Winslow, Buckinghamshire, MK18 3BL


01296 711380


School Uniform Shop

We have our own school uniform shop, available through PL School Wear. Please click on the link for access and to place your orders.


School Uniform

The school seeks to promote a spirit of identity and community cohesion through the wearing of a uniform which is affordable and widely available.

Our uniform consists of a white shirt or polo top, black or dark-grey trousers, shorts or skirt; with the option of a summer dress in blue check when the weather allows.

Post 16 Students are expected to wear smart, ‘work wear’, for example, button up shirt, black trousers, jacket or blazer, knee length skirt, smart dress and black shoes with a low heel.

School Logo items

Please see school policy above.

Please note that we are aware that school uniform can cause sensory and regulation issues. We apply our uniform policy flexibly based on individual pupil's needs.

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