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A Specialist School for Communication and Interaction

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Furze Down’s Bespoke Curriculums

Furze Down’s Bespoke Curriculums

For all Children and Young People at Furze Down their developmental stages are significantly different from their mainstream peers and acknowledging this is vital. Seeking a norm-referenced approach would lead to pupils not being able to access the curriculum 

We have written our own curriculums, which prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. We have carefully considered what are the most important key concepts, knowledge, skills and attributes important to being able to flourish in life, learning, work and leisure.  

Bespoke Curriculums

Furze Down’s Developmental Framework and Cognition Curriculum provides relevant learning for all pupils aged 4-19 and enables teachers to carry out meaningful Teaching, Learning and Assessment that;  

  • recognises pupil’s strengths 
  • sets suitable learning challenges 
  • responds to pupils’ diverse learning needs 
  • overcomes potential barriers to learning for individuals and groups of pupi 
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