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Making Judgements about Pupil Progress

Making Judgements about Pupil Progress

At Furze Down School, the continuous process of assessing progress keeps the learner as the core focus.

Assessment is at the heart of effective teaching and learning. It has an effect on planning and informs teachers and learners and it raises standards. In our procedures, we recognise the individuality of all pupils, taking a positive view and recognising that praise and success are great motivators in the learning process.

In order to achieve this practitioners start with the information a parent is able to offer about their child. Respecting parents’ knowledge about their own child and what they currently do at home is vital to support their children’s learning. Practitioners invest time in establishing relationships with parents and carers, building trust to allow families to tell their own stories. Parents are seen as the most important source of information and continue to be actively involved in any Assess, Plan, Do, Review cycle.

The diagram below outlines the basketful of indicators we consider when making judgements about whether pupils are making expected progress. Wrapped around this is rigorous quality assurance

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