Furze Down School

Furze Down School

A Specialist School for Communication and Interaction

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Verney Road, Winslow, Buckinghamshire, MK18 3BL


01296 711380


Alison Rooney - Head Teacher

Linda Patterson - School Business Leader

Clare Bourne - Deputy Business Leader

Becky Prince - Finance Manager

Sarah Sherman - Assistant Head and Highly Specialist SENDCo

Laura Price - Assistant Head and Phase Lead for 4-13

Eleanor Attridge - Assistant Head and Phase Lead for 14-19

Suzanne Kendrick - Head of Visual Communication and Design

Will Barton - Site Manager

Elizabeth Winks - Clinical Nurse Specialist

Tom Edwards - Family Liaison Lead and Social Worker

Nikki Dutfield - Head of Therapy

Sarah Anthem - Head of Centre for Early Years and Primary 

Gina Cotterill - Head of Centre for Key Stage 3

Emma Keech - Key Stage 4 Departmental Lead 

Lynsey Fleeting - Key Stage 5 Departmental Lead

Alison Rooney - Head Teacher

Sarah Sherman - Acting Deputy Head

Laura Price - Acting Deputy Head

Linda Patterson - School Business Leader

Clare Bourne - Deputy Business Leader

Becky Prince - Finance Manager

Elizabeth Winks - Clinical Nurse Specialist Mental Health Lead

Tom Edwards - Family Liaison Lead

Nikki Dutfield - Head of Therapy

Sarah Anthem - Acting Assistant Head Early Years & Primary

Gina Cotterill - Acting Assistant Head Key Stage 3

Eleanor Attridge - Acting Assistant Head Key Stage 4 & 5

Linda Patterson - School Business Leader

Clare Bourne - Deputy Business Leader

Laura Bullenthorpe - Family Liaison: Education & Health: Admissions, Access & Co-Production

Sandra Firth - SLT Administrator 

Jo Herbertson - Administration for Phase 4-13 

Sarah McKendrick - Administration for Phase 14-19 

Angela Knibbs - HR Administration 

Jessica Harris - EHCP Administrator

Jane Parks - Administrator

Becky Prince - Finance Manager

Tess Kirkby - Finance Officer

Richard El-Charif - ICT Support Engineer 

Cody Griffiths - ICT Support Apprentice

Will Barton - Site Manager

Matt Chapman - Site Assistant 

Kevin Moore -  Site Assistant 

Tara Orme - Catering Team Leader 

Sarah Freshwater - Catering Assistant 

Kavitha Ambigapathi - Catering Assistant

Becky Taaffe - Catering Assistant

Louise Bowers - Senior Receptionist and Attendance Officer

Scarlett Grimsdale - Receptionist

Sarah Sherman - Assistant Head and Highly Specialist SENDCo

Elizabeth Winks - Clinical Nurse Specialist liaising with Staff, Parents & CAMHs

Nikki Dutfield - Head of Therapy

Tom Edwards - Family Liaison Lead and Social Worker liaising with Staff, Parents & Social Care

Kelsey Ayton - Clinical Lead Speech and Language Therapy (Maternity leave)

Cheryl Parker - Clinical Lead OT (M, T, W, Th)

Gemma Stokes - Multi-Therapy Assistant working with External Physios

Fern Yull - Speech & Language Therapy Assistant (M, W, Th)

Rachel Terry - Speech & Language Therapist (AM M, T, W & Th)

Sophie Gager - Speech & Language Therapist (M, W)

Jess Wigman - Speech & Language Therapist

Kate Makepeace - Specialist Speech & Language Therapist (M, Th, F)

Michelle Harford - Specialist Speech & Language Therapist (T, W, Th)

Naomi Troy - Specialist Occupational Therapist (T, W, Th)

Rachel Speer - Specialist Occupational Therapist (T,W) (Maternity leave)

Alix Gibbard - Occupational Therapist 

Dae Spooner - Physiotherapy Support

Zoe Hardman – Occupational Therapist

Sara Griffiths - Dramatherapist

Daisy Bourne - Therapy Dog

Sarah Anthem - Head of Early Years & Primary

Birch Class

Hayley Stark - EYFS/Foundation KS1,2& 3 Department Lead, PSED/EHWB LEAD EYFS,
KS1, 2 & 3 (T, W, Th, F)

Lucy Elliott - Teacher EYFS (M, T-PM, W)

Yvette Walton - Lead Assistant

Audra Grimsdale - Learning Support Assistant

Mabel Mainwaring - Learning Support Assistant

Kara Calzaghe - Learning Support Assistant

Cedar Class

Alice King - Class Teacher

Sian Johnson - Learning Support Assistant

Michelle Armstrong - Learning Support Assistant

Juana Lazaro - Learning Support Assistant

Hazel Class

Wendy Wells - Learning Support Assistant

Laura Gates - Learning Support Assistant (M, W, Th, F)

Hayley Rutter - Learning Support Assistant

Dorina Oboroc - Learning Support Assistant

Toni Brown - Learning Support Assistant

Oak Class

Felix Stankard - Class Teacher, Humanities Lead

Nicola Cove - Lead Therapy Assistant

Stephane Jackman - Learning Support Assistant

Carol Fisher (M, T) - Learning Support Assistant

Jodie Brooks - Learning Support Assistant

Alison Coote - Learning Support Assistant (Th, F)

Astrid McQuillan - Learning Support Assistant

Amy Bird - Learning Support Assistant

Willow Class

James Alexander - Class Teacher

Lucy Porteous - Lead Assistant

Laura Alson - Learning Support Assistant

Sara Heal - Learning Support Assistant (M, T)

Astrid McQuillan - Learning Support Assistant

Staff working across centre:

Paul Adams - STEM Lead Teacher

Karen Southam - Independent Living Lead Teacher

Sharon Oaks - Forest School Lead (Primary and Secondary)

Nick Hobbs - Primary / Secondary Cover Teacher

Gina Cotterill - Acting Assistant Head / Head of Year 3

JBS Class

Jenny Binnington-Savage - Class Teacher

Hannah Oaks - Learning Support Assistant

Soraya Mohammed - Learning Support Assistant

Maisie Milligan - Learning Support Assistant

AW Class

Anna Winks - KS2 Department Lead, Entry Pathway KS2/3, Personal Social & Emotional Development/Emotional Health & Wellbeing Lead, ITT/NQT Coach and Mentor

Sophie Hyde - Learning Support Assistant

Ellie Hiscock - Learning Support Assistant

LB Class

Lucy Bullenthorpe - Class Teacher

Elaine Nicora (M-W) (Maternity Leave)

Hattie Freshwater - Learning Support Assistant

Melissa Bowerman - Learning Support Assistant

Elena Bryant - Learning Support Assistant

VCHF Class

Vicky Cowley - Class Teacher (M, T, W)

Hamish Firth - Class Teacher (Th, F)

Keisha Osei - Learning Support Assistant

Alice Keeble - Learning Support Assistant

KH Class

Kate Hamblin - Class Teacher (M, T, W)

Kevin Haynes - Class Teacher (Th, F)

Phoebe Longbottom - Learning Support Assistant

Georgie Dowsing - Learning Support Assistant 

EB Class

Emily Bell - Class Teacher 

Beth Benton - Class Teacher 

Sharon Hutchinson - Learning Support Assistant

Julie Sugars - Learning Support Assistant 

Ellen Coote - Learning Support Assistant

Elvis Kuti - Learning Support Assistant 

SB Class

Sarah Baxter - Class Teacher

Alpha Makwara - Learning Support Assistant 

Lyndsay McKenna-Gibbons - Learning Support Assistant 

SKE Class

Suzanne Kendrick - Class Teacher / Head of Visual Communication and Design

Lilian Crouch - Learning Support Assistant

Upasana Sharma - Learning Support Assistant

Staff working across centre:

Joelle Rogerson - Class Teacher

Paul Adams - STEM Lead Teacher

Eleanor Cooper - Learning Support Assistant / Occupational Therapy Assistant

Sharon Oaks - Forest School Leader (Primary and Secondary)

Lael Richards - Forest School Learning Support Assistant

Lisa McKenna -  Class Teacher

Babs Smith - Librarian (W, Th, F)

Karen Baldwin - Learning Support Assistant

Inger McNeill - Class Teacher

Martin Truscott – Learning Support Assistant

Nick Hobbs - Primary / Secondary Cover Teacher

Eleanor Attridge - Assistant Head and Phase Lead for 14-19

GHC Class

Georgie Cockerill - Class Teacher 

Julie Jordan - Learning Support Assistant 

SKI Class

Sarah Kingham - Class Teacher

Chris Johnson - Learning Support Assistant 

Rachel Gray - Learning Support Assistant 

Sarah Pike - Learning Support Assistant

CH Class

Chloe Harman - Class Teacher (M, W, Th, F)

Rob Kenney - Class Teacher (T, W, Th)

Beth Benton - Class Teacher

Gemma Hall - Learning Support Assistant 

Hanna Faulkner - Learning Support Assistant 

Ana Rocha - Learning Support Assistant

EK Class

Emma Keech - KS4 Departmental Lead, Personal Social & Emotional Development/Emotional Health & Wellbeing Lead

Ricky Brown - Tutor and Family Liaison Worker

Staff working across centre:

Brian Fellows

Eleanor Attridge - Assistant Head and Phase Lead for 14-19

Lynsey Fleeting - Centre Head, KS5 Departmental Lead, Personal Social & Emotional Development, Emotional Health & Wellbeing Lead

Class LF

Lynsey Fleeting - Class Teacher

KG Class

Kelly Ganderton - Class Teacher (M-Th)

EMTM Class

Elle Mansfield - Class Teacher and Community Engagement Co-ordinator

Tracy Moore - Class Teacher and Work Related Learning Co-ordinator

Staff working across centre:

Claire Smith - Learning Support Assistant

Sally Burton - Learning Support Assistant

Sarah Weatherly - Learning Support Assistant (T, W, Th, F)

Rachael Hatchell - - Learning Support Assistant

Chrissy Bates - - Learning Support Assistant

Ben Townsend - Learning Support Assistant

Karol Gilkes - Learning Support Assistant

Jennifer McCormack - Learning Support Assistant

Lauren D'Costa - Learning Support Assistant

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