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A Specialist School for Communication and Interaction

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Furze Down School

A skilled workforce and a high performing culture

‘Improving not proving’


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Furze Down School is a learning centred community. Outstanding teaching and learning occurs throughout our school as staff and students thrive in a supportive and aspirational environment

 We are proud of our culture of shared and creative problem solving; interrogating classroom practice and learning from our collective experience to improve outcomes for pupils.

Teachers and Therapists continuously work to identify and understand their students’ specific barriers to learning; not simply at the global SEND level but with respect to particular tasks and concepts. Interventions to address these barriers and scaffold learning are both planned in advance and created in response to students’ progress within lessons. Our practices are research informed and developed through effective professional learning. Our teachers, therapists and LSAs are adaptive and flexible; ready to reinterpret or reframe learning as they monitor the learning experience of students

 We provide effective professional learning opportunities for all staff to gain expertise in solving the problems that they face

The conditions of autonomy, mastery and purpose are prioritised by leaders. Staff work hard but only on practices that make a difference

 All staff, have an entitlement to access high quality continuing professional development (CPD) and have opportunities through the appraisal system to discuss their professional development needs. The therapy team have designed and developed a programme of CPD for new and existing staff. All new staff take part in a series of training to enable them to carry out best practice in the classroom. All existing staff have access to a rolling programme of CPD opportunities, including training on direct SALT and OT strategies. Staff collaborate in planning for and providing a world class experience, learning from each other.  This is underpinned by an effective appraisal system.

 We believe investment in professional learning is the key to sustaining outstanding provision for pupils demonstrating increasingly complex communication and interaction needs and enhancing morale and wellbeing of colleagues. 


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